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Once you find a GPT that interests you, take it for a spin right on our site and see it in action. Provide feedback, suggestions, and ratings to help the original creators refine their GPT even further.

Featured GPTs

PowerPoint GPT

Instantly creates quality presentation outlines that you can copy into PowerPoint.

Image Analyzer

Describes any uploaded image. Uses descriptive groupings based on studies.

Email Assistant

Crafts concise, friendly emails based on your needs. Can help revise partially written emails.

Photoshop Expert

Provides clear, step-by-step guidance on image editing and creation for Photoshop.

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Job Search Organizer

Paste in multiple job descriptions and get spreadsheet output summarizing all key details.

Photo Creator

Generates high quality images with your prompt. Incorporates tags to improve quality.

Interview Coach

Provide your resume and job description. The coach will ask you questions to help prepare.

Creative Writer

Get inspired! Storytelling expert generating creative writing prompts and ideas.

Haiku Creator

Trained with a database of famous haikus. Type your thoughts or upload an image to start. 

Dad Joke Challenge

It's a Dad Joke game.
Try not to laugh. Lose a life if you laugh!

AI Detector

How likely is that text generated by AI? Which part is most suspicious and why? 

Pixar Style

Transforms your photos into enchanting Disney/Pixar style creations. 

PC Buying Comparer

A computer hardware expert that ranks computer configurations for buyers.

Spotify Playlist Genius

Create Spotify playlists based on your mood or for a special event. Customizes to you liking.

Email Code Analyst

Analyzes email HTML for hidden insights and compliance. Check for spam, trustworthiness, and more.

Cover Letter Writer

Crafts cover letters and summaries based on your resume and job description. Gives several options.


How to access GPTs

Currently - GPTs can only be accessed with a ChatGPT Plus account. This is a paid membership with a monthly cost. You must first create a ChatGPT account on OpenAI. Once your account is setup, you will have the option to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus when you attempt to access the GPT-4 option.

For more information, see Introducing ChatGPT Plus on OpenAI's blog

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